I Heart Crap T-Shirt & Elevated Courts


Shirt: Gold Label I Love Crap T-shirt
Skirt: Red Label Pockets Mini Skirt in Black
Shoes: Gold Label Elevated Courts in Black Patent Leather
Hair Acc: Solid Horn Tiara
Necklace: Giant Orb Pendant

I recently found a pair of elevated court pumps second hand in pretty good condition for pretty inexpensive (about $230), and in my exact size. What the luck. The inner sole paddings are loose, but other than that they’re perfect, and surprisingly they’re not that hard to walk in. I haven’t worn this shirt much since I got it, but it’s not for lack of love. I think I’m just nervous about wearing it because I don’t want to wear it out. It’s too iconic, I feel like I want to preserve it instead. I should probably get a second one at some point, haha. My hair is growing out a bit more, which is fabulous as I’m starting to be able to work with it a little bit. Had a nice and relaxing day. I’ve been slacking on paintings lately and need to get my ass back in front of the easel. I’ve been brainstorming some new ideas for future projects and it’s all a big mess in my head right now. I need to get some of these ideas down on paper. So that is what I’m going to do now.. maybe after I take a bath and wash all this hairspray out of my head first though.


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