Multicolor Monday Dress and Melissa Wing Sandals


Dress: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Multicolor Monday Dress
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Wing Sandals
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood Giant Orb Pendant

Sometimes being a short/petite person has it’s setbacks. Most of my clothes that aren’t jersey knit usually needs to be altered to fit me right. This dress I picked it up in a size 40, and when it arrived I found that it was a bit too delicate to withstand the necessary battle to get it on over my shoulders without damaging the seams, an issue with almost all Monday and Sunday dresses I have found as the waist is nearly fitted with no opening requiring you to pull it over your much larger shoulders or bum.  So I exchanged it for a 44 which made it easier to get on without a fight but made it really loose/long looking (and I’m sure you’re thinking, why not get a 42? and that was because they were sold out). Fortunately all I had to do was create a 2in pleat at the shoulders to pull it up, and I secured it with loose stitches that can easily be removed.  The waist is a bit loose, but that’s ok, I’ll have to get some new belts for that.  I don’t like permanent alterations, but I do want my clothes to fit.




  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! It makes me happy when I meet new people with similar fashion tastes *^^*. I love these sandals too, I have them in 3 different colors, I couldn’t resist them.

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