L.E. Los Angeles Chicken Necklace & Pink Gainsborough Dress


Dress: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Pink Gainsborough Dress
Leggings: Vivienne Westwood DIY Leggings
Shoes: Non-brand
Necklaces: Vivienne Westwood Limited Edition Los Angeles Chicken Necklace, and Vivienne Westwood 2009 Valentine’s Day Heart Orb Necklace.
Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson

Today I decided to wear pink for Mother’s Day. I stopped by the Melrose boutique this morning to pick up a limited edition Los Angeles chicken necklace. My number is 049/300. It was about $250 including tax, which was cheaper than I thought, so I also picked up the other Los Angeles t-shirt in black to add to my collection (I’ll post pictures of that one later). The necklace is super light, which makes me nervous that the shiny metal coating will chip off the light weight base metal easily, so I probably won’t wear this one very often. I really need to start sticking to solid metals when it comes to jewelry, as I have a tendency to be pretty rough on my pieces.

I recently got this pink Gainsborough dress from yoox.com and hadn’t yet cut the tags off before today. I didn’t realize there were two tags, so I cut one off and went about my day for a few hours before I realized I had been walking around with another tucked in back. At least it was under the dress, otherwise that would have been embarrassing. *facepalm*


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