Diamante Horn Tiara

In 2006 Vivienne Westwood visited Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen of England and to be titled a Dame. At that time she wore a tiara of horns and a dress without knickers. I love her sense of freedom, as she doesn’t stray from her natural character even in the face of British royalty. Please never change, Dame Westwood, you are an inspiration to many.
After longing for my own pair of horns for many years, I finally had my chance to get them! I visited the Vivienne Westwood boutique in Los Angeles the day after their soft opening, and one of the staff members was wearing the crystal studded spectacle. She had a couple of customers looking at it curiously as they passed it around each trying it on. I ask if I too could don the horns, and luckily she said yes. I placed it on my head over my hair, and it was a perfect fit. Absolutely meant to be! I asked her the price and how many they had in stock. She told me it was the last one until the next shipment! Did I want to get the one that had been passed around and touched the heads of so many people already? I told her I had to think about it as she took it back off my head and placed it back on hers.
I went home that night and mulled over it for a while, and decided that I had to have them. Even though they had been worn by others, it just added to the character and will always be a memory of my first day at the new opening of the LA boutique, definitely nothing wrong with that. They were closed that Sunday, and I arrived right at opening on Monday. I only had about 10 minutes to go in, get them, and get out seeing as I had work that day. I rushed in, checked the glass case, and they were still there! It was destiny!! I told them to pack it up right away, and out I went back to my car. I couldn’t wait to wear them. I was so impatient I stopped at the taco bell two blocks down to use the bathroom mirror while I set it under my hair.
After that I wore them to work everyday for a week straight. I started to worry about them getting dull, as it is a coated metal and not a solid, there is that fear of oxidization and having the outer coat rub away to expose the dull base metal. That has happened with a few of my older necklaces before I learned how to care for my costume jewelry. It’s been resting safely in it’s bed of velvet lined wood inside my jewelry armoire since then, only coming out for special occasions. This is a piece to care for if you want it to last forever.

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