Angelic Pretty Puppet Circus OP

Dress:  Angelic Pretty Puppet Circus OP in Black
Hair:  Antique Beast Bats Headdress
Shoes:  Vivienne Westwood Ballerina Rocking Horse Shoes in White
Necklace:  Vivienne Westwood Small Orb Pendant
Tights:  Non-brand
Ah, the elusive puppet circus.  I picked this up from a good friend who was having a bit of closet cleaning before starting a new business venture, and years of asking for first dibs on this dress, she came through for me.  I’ll never forget this <3.



  1. Cant tell you how glad I am you put the loli coords back up on the blog, I always appreciate just how perfect your coords were! Im actually working on a project that involves lolita style so this is so helpful for me too, will tell you more about it soon x

    1. I’m slowly starting to put them back up. I have literally hundreds of backlogged entries to post, but I’m trying to be consistent and remaster the photos so they don’t look as atrocious. This may take a while. Can’t wait to hear about your new project!!

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