Vivienne Westwood Melrose Soft Opening

Today I visited the brand spanking new Vivienne Westwood boutique on Melrose here in Los Angeles that opened up yesterday for the first time after over a year of impatient waiting. I wanted to go Friday, but alas, I have a M-F job, so I had to wait a day. My friend from Michigan was in town visiting at the same time, so I picked her up to go with me to share in my giddy-ness. I wasn’t very dressed up for the occasion, I just got done fixing some plumbing at my apartment with the help of her boyfriend, and didn’t have time to do my hair and makeup or even throw on some heels, I was just THAT impatient to get out and goooo.
Inside the boutique it was busy, but not crowded. We got there at a good time before the rush came in, which we got to see happen as we were leaving. We were greeted by a doorman, offered champagne refreshments, and greeted again by several more floor salesman as they came to introduce themselves and welcoming us to browse and enjoy our time. As I perused the racks, I met the manager, another very kind man who chatted with us for a short while before being whisked away for business duties. Two sales girls at the counter were helping people check out their purchases. They let us take an awful iphone picture together in the store. Such sweet and helpful staff!! I don’t know what I love more about the boutique, the helpful employees or the merchandise!! I got a couple of points and stares from other customers noticing my Giant Orb Pendant necklace. It is definitely a statement piece, I give it that. I have a feeling that not a lot of people know they even exist.
img_03211 img_03261
As it was late and the sun was setting directly on the window display, it was hard to get a clear picture of it, but it does show a beautiful reflection of the kind of sunsets we get here in Los Angeles. I posed quickly with my necklace and bag of shwag. I wanted to get the Diamante Horn Tiara, but couldn’t decide, so I only picked up two cheapo things. A keychain with a medallion made just for the Los Angeles boutique, and a Get A Life water bottle.
img_30031 img_30041 img_30071
We finished the night off with the most delicious bbq dinner at my house.  We didn’t partake of the champagne refreshments at the boutique, but there was plenty of champagne flowing at my house that evening.
If you want to know more about the new Los Angeles boutique on Melrose, LAWeekly has a great review and tons of pictures over on their site!  Check it out!

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