Vivienne Westwood Perfumes

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Up until recently I’ve been a dedicated fan of Dior Poison, but I started thinking it might be fun to see what Dame Westwood’s perfumes smell like. After months of searching for any of her signature perfumes at local department stores / perfume shops / etc, I gave up and decided I would have to order them blindly from the internet without knowing what I was getting into. I had no idea which one I would like, and I didn’t want to waste a whole lot of time and money on shipping all of them one by one until I found the right scent, so I decided in the end to just order them all. I grabbed whatever was available from at the time: Let It Rock, Boudoir, Boudoir Sin Garden, Boudoir Jouy Edition, and Naughty Alice. The remaining I found on Anglomania, and Libertine (sampler size).
Anglomania arrived first, so I had a couple days headstart to get used to it. I think it works pretty synergistically with my body chemistry. It makes me smell like I just got out of a bubble bath and patted myself off with some fine baby powder after. Even though it wasn’t what I was used to in a perfume (I like the scents that are deep, rich, and lusty), I found myself using it pretty much every time I left the house to give me that freshly showered feeling.
Libertine arrived second, and I pretty much hated that one right away. I put a dab on my wrist, let it soak in, gave it a whiff, and it just did not work for me. Too pungent in an unripe/bitter grapefruit kind of way. Actually, I highly detest grapefruit, that’s probably why I didn’t like it. I much prefer the scents of spices, florals, and woods.
Then I received the big box from hervia with the remaining 5! I set all of 7 perfumes in a row on my table and sprayed each on a piece of paper, letting them rest for a few minutes while the alcohol burned off. Without applying it to my skin, I smell tested each paper to see how I liked them, and I must say that my favorites are definitely Boudoir Jouy, Naughty Alice, and Anglomania.
Boudoir Jouy is a very very light barely there scent to me, but from what I can smell it smells like heaven. I found myself inhaling the scent on the paper in deep breaths for a few minutes trying to get more out of it, and eventually doused myself with the spray. A good 6+ spritz later, and it still was very mild but lovely. I’ll have to try that one again in the summer to see if the warmth helps magnify the scent.
Naughty Alice is a tad more potent and a bit more traditional as you would expect from a perfume. Roses, violets, and musk, but still subtle and fresh enough that it doesn’t over power the senses in that sickly cheap old lady perfume way.
Let It Rock was a bit too masculine / hippie for my taste. I was displeased by overpowering patchouli undertones. Something about my body chemistry makes it all that you can smell. I had a hippie friend who would wear patchouli oil instead of antiperspirant growing up. Maybe I have a mental block on the scent, it just makes me think of body odor, dirty feet, and drum circles. However, my good friend tried this on her skin and it ended up smelling more like freesia.
Boudoir Sin Garden didn’t really hit me with any reflex opinions. I sniffed the paper, didn’t really catch anything, put it down, and haven’t tried it again since. I’ll have to give that one another go in a few days to get to know it better.
Boudoir, the ultimate classic staple for a Vivienne Westwood perfume. There are contradictions with this one. Some say that older recipe that was a tad orange smelled better than this new light pink version. I wasn’t too terribly impressed. It’s a potent ‘in your face’ kind of smell. The kind that you put on knowing that anyone will be able to smell you from within a 50 foot radius. The kind of smell that causes people to get a bit claustrophobic in an elevator because you’re taking up all the air. Very sweet florals, vanilla, and a bit spicy too. I like this one, but when it comes to powerful scents, I think I’ll stick with my Dior Poison while I attempt to hunt down an older orange bottle of Boudoir.

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