Bale Sunday Dress


Dress: Vivienne Westwood Bale Sunday Dress
Tights: Non-brand
Shoes: Non-brand
Hair Acc: 6% Doki Doki

I decided to drive an hour to East Los Angeles for a Japanese fashion event that turned out to be pretty un-entertaining. I’ve been to dozens of Japanese fashion events in my life, and this one had to be the most poorly organized, not to mention the absolute horrible location. I felt like I was going to a meeting at a children’s library, while all the adults stood around waiting for their fanatical children to finish up their ‘Win a prize!’ games and watch colorful repetitive movies.  Actually, that might have been more entertaining than the reality. I felt really bad for the guests of honor. They really looked just as bored as I did, and while I was able to leave after an hour they still had to stay and play human dolls for the children.


I did get dressed up in my colorful finest, but didn’t have it in me to take any real photos, so I took a couple cellphone shots to remember the day by. I’ll have to toss this one on again another day and take real pictures so you can see the detail. Bonus shot of my not-pleased but so fucking glad to get out of there face:



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