Blue Red Gold Square Tartan Sunday Dress


Dress: Vivienne Westwood Blue Red Gold Square Tartan Sunday Dress
Socks: Vivienne Westwood Japan
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa 3-Strap Elevated Pumps
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood I am not a Terrorist Choker

I LOVE THIS DRESS. I love this dress. The colors are so bold. The shape is so divine. I picked it up from while on sale, a major score and a happy addition to my collection. I ended up wearing this to the X-Japan/Yoshiki charity launch party downtown at the Nokia Theater. I have never seen X-Japan play live before. Now I can see why they are considered the best rock band of all time in Japan. They stopped their activities before I started visiting Japan, and I must say their live performances and stage presence just does not even compare to their studio recordings. Hope to see them on tour and catch some more live songs in the future!

Driving on the 10 towards Downtown Los Angeles
Harvest Moon!
I spent the day before the event at Anime Expo, and caught up with a bunch of old friends. It is refreshing to know I can still hang out with my lolita girls even though I don’t wear lolita often anymore. I think when you spend so many years together, and you get to know everyone so personally, its hard to stop being friends with someone you know so well. It made me really happy.
I didn’t do much in the way of shopping, I did end up buying two pairs of traditional Japanese shoes.  They were cheap and hilarious.  
img_0515 img_0516
After the con, I didn’t have much to do between the closing of the dealers hall, and the start of the Yoshiki Foundation party. So I decided to check out the line, and we got shuffled into a hallway outside of Club Nokia a good hour before opening. They started an hour late though, and I was tired and hungry and almost left. I’m glad I didn’t. Sadly my iphone died right when I got inside after spotting the elusive X Japan pachinko machines in the entrance, so I didn’t get to take any pictures or videos of the event after that. I was however able to order a sandwich from the bar, giving me enough fuel to enjoy the rest of the party.
img_0518 img_0519 img_0521
They started out with the first showing of the new X Japan pv they shot on Hollywood and Highland earlier this year. It was, rather unimpressive, as far as pvs go. Maybe because I know Hollywood and Highland well enough to know that it’s a pretty dingy unhappy tourist trap. Anyways, that wasn’t the highlight of the evening. I spent about an hour meeting new people. A lot of people visiting from Japan were hanging around and talking to the local people. It was fun having a chance to practice my Japanese after being out of the country for so many years now.
Around 10:30 or so the h.Naoto fashion show began.  My friend helped me get up into the balcony for a good seated view, and we were in AWE at the designs. I CRINGED every time the models stepped down the staircase off the stage, because they were all wearing insane platforms that didn’t look very sturdy. The fashion itself was pretty amazing. Nothing I’d wear personally, but definitely interesting to look at.
After that, the band members (Toshi, Yoshiki, and Sugizo) got on stage for a acoustic rendition of I.V.. I have never seen X Japan live before, but even just that one song was powerful. I’d gladly see them live again anyday. Somebody in attendance recorded it and this youtube video shows the live we saw:
After that, they set up for the shooting of their new PV. Nothing that special. Its going to be one of those ‘in concert’ style pvs with the audience and them rocking out on stage with chicks gogo dancing in cages hanging from the ceiling. Lots of black and shiny. I can’t wait for it to be released to see how it turned out. 
Halfway through the shooting, and I was already about the crash, so I made my way home, it wasn’t even yet midnight. I’m getting old, haha. Can’t party until the sun comes up like the young and energetic anymore.  I’ll blame it on having a full time job. 

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