Harlequin Shirt Dress


Dress: Vivienne Westwood Harlequin Shirt Dress
Socks: Vivienne Westwood Japan
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Lady Dragon
Bag: Vivienne Westwood Baker’s Street Boston Bag
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood Limited Edition Stamp Pendant – Tokyo

I have a thing for long shirts that I can wear as dresses.  Sometimes they end up just looking like pajamas if the shoulders are too wide, but this shirt is just right.  The sleeves and back panel fabric is prone to some nasty static electricity though, and with the dry Los Angeles air, I find I’m constantly plucking stray hairs and lint rolling myself.  I have a tendency to wear Lady Dragon shoes a lot with pictures, but I never wear them outside.  I have issues in the I’m a US size 7.5, and the UK 5 lady dragons are too small, and the UK 6 lady dragons are too big.  So I have to go with the bigger size, but they’re just not long distance walkable.  They’re really pretty to look at though.  I find that the T-strap and the 3-strap shoes are much more forgiving for the half sizes, and wear those out most often.

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