AatP Vampire Requiem Corset Skirts at Disneyland

Top:  Moi-meme-Moitie
Outer: Ane x Imoto
Skirt:  Alice and the Pirates Vampire Requiem Corset Skirt
Socks:  Metamorphose
Shoes:  Vivienne Westwood Anglomania x Melissa T-Bar Pumps
Acc: Non-brand, Disney
Had an impromptu day at Disneyland with Octavekitten in our matching Vampire Requiem skirts.  We spent the majority of our day at California Adventures eating, drinking, and scaring the children.  Recently, getting into Disneyland wearing lolita can be difficult as some staff know it’s a fashion, while others consider it a costume, and costumes are not allowed in the park.  Lots of my friends have been denied entrance, and forced to change, but there are ways.  Long coats for one, and hiding the slightly more obvious parts in your purse, like headdresses and petticoats (if you can stuff it in).  On this day, we were success.
The first ride we always ride is Tower of Terror.  There is no better ride, and most people are chicken shit to ride it, so the lines are usually shorter than normal.  The kid sitting next to us knew what to do.  The military guys behind us, not so much.
After getting off the ride, we ran into the mother of fashion addiction, Cruella De Vil!  We couldn’t say no to taking a group photo.
vratdl0006 vratdl0007
We enjoyed some moscato at the winery and some fine Mexican cuisine while enjoying being serenaded by an all girl mariachi band!  You don’t see all girl bands very often!  Not even here in Southern California (where we have a lot of mariachi bands).  After refueling, we moseyed over to Disneyland and rode some slow rides, but my feet started aching and our time was best spent trying to find the BEST pair of shoes the park has to offer.   Somehow or another, I came away with these rocking bad boys.

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