Angelic Pretty KiraKira Doll Set at IAMX Concert and Calling 911

Dress:  Angelic Pretty Kira Kira Doll Set
Socks:  Non-brand
Shoes:  Pink Diamond
Went to see IAMX with my friends.  Amazing show.
Afterwards while going to Das Bunker we witnessed a really bad drunk driving accident (dude took a left hand turn too fast and rolled his suv and smashed into a bunch of parked cars while skidding upside down).  I called 911 on my cellphone.  After the emergency crew and firemen got the driver into the ambulance and checked to make sure the upside-down car wasn’t going to blow up anytime soon, they took a celebratory photo with us.  Nobody was hurt, and the drunk driver was able to walk away from the accident with only scratches and a bruised ego before being detained by police.
3621005059_f5fb970928_o 3621824170_78643fd1c2_o 3621823994_3150dc3e14_o 3621823858_8fb75b148f_o

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