A Short Trip To London

Went to London to visit my good friend and take in some touristy attractions (and also to stop in to see yet another Vivienne Westwood boutique I haven’t yet visited before).  I didn’t plan for the weather, London was so cold it could have been winter if I didn’t know any better, and I blindly packed only light summery clothes and one single pair of emergency jeans.  Guess what I got stuck wearing for my entire trip?  I felt so awkward, but at least I wasn’t freezing.  My hotel was on Picadilly across from Green Park and next to the Hard Rock Cafe, so the nearest VW boutique within walking distance was at 44 Conduit St. Right after I checked into my hotel, I grabbed a map, charted a course, and set out walking. It was surprisingly close.
The staff was warm and inviting, they asked me if I needed any help the moment I walked in the door, and two staff members helped me pick out my purchases, the Tiny Orb Pendant and Single Strand Pearl Choker. We talked a bit about how Vivienne Westwood was famous in Japan, as I told them I’ve only experienced shopping at the Tokyo boutiques and that this was my first time at one in London. Supposedly the girls on staff that day are huge fans of NANA, which was pretty funny. It had been a good couple of years since I’ve read any of the new volumes, it just got way to depressing and confusing.
Had some lunch with my new bling, did some sight seeing around the Tower of London, laughed hysterically at the London Dungeon, relaxed with a bit of tea at the hotel, and then finally met up with my old roommate and bff for some wine at her apartment before going out and drinking so much tequila at the night club we made them run out. Longest most entertaining day of my life. The next day was spent mildly hungover on the top of a double decker bus as it slowly moved about the entire city. I listened to the history of London via headphones that plug into the backs of the seats.
I definitely have a soft spot for London, but at the same time found it to be very grey. I like a lot of color, maybe that’s why I prefer Tokyo. I imagine all hell will break loose if I ever do make it to Shanghai. The last few days in London were mostly spent walking around, eating, drinking wine, and checking out a few museums. I can’t wait to go again soon!
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