Metamorphose White Windows Underbust at the Pleasure Renfaire

Dress:  Metamorphose Windows Underbust JSK in WHite
Blouse:  Moi-meme-Moitie Short Sleeve Cutsew in Black
Jacket:  Metamorphose Dot Chiffon Bell Sleeve Top in Black
I returned to the Pleasure Renaissance Faire again this weekend with some friends from Das Bunker.  I was only expecting to stay for a few hours, to see the rest of the events and booths I missed the last time I went, but as it turned out I stayed until almost 3am.  It was the last night of the faire, and my friends knew some people running booths, so they let us stay in the park after hours, essentially hiring us to help break down the booths and in return we got to partake in the barrel draining festivities.  Once all of the attendees were out of the park, it was nothing but mayhem with $1 cider, topless gypsy dancers, lots of music, and all the faire staff dancing and having a drunken good time, whilst still in costume and character.
3543043541_dd6b12b271_o 3543044823_4536100fae_o 3543049207_8a5aba8696_o 3543050905_0bfc1c15f9_o 3543054047_fba924d598_o 3543060771_c60904c827_o 3543798166_4bfc0e5409_o 3543800962_707b21cbcb_o 3543802216_6905f80c93_o 3543809232_c2d8a0ae02_o 3543812266_b339984609_o 3543813578_71751c8950_o 3543814848_a6e6663586_o 3543817864_00472cfd68_o 3543819176_fe84f30a80_o 3543820666_e8f100877a_o 3543825074_918659e9b7_o 3543826078_091b840bdb_o 3543829128_517a1a9aa4_o 3543831944_27f4269932_o 3543833198_11d72438da_o 3543834482_6df20584d7_o 3543835742_5e87b7e62b_o 3543838378_32e2edea48_o 3543841960_f252b37952_o 3543843060_1534582bfd_o 3543844572_f137a473b3_o 3543847614_1a0fa1bc73_o 3543852286_9f8717965b_o 3543856010_f036390107_o 3543857302_6367816a54_o 3543862280_3b8d275c51_o 3543866720_4227be0609_o 3543868594_be2b9832ff_o 3542987273_d4772f04e4_o 3542989761_7a47b1d9b4_o 3542994255_b6ca725435_o 3542995487_9d7690fdca_o 3542996893_88830e1a16_o 3542998219_df43e1e546_o 3543001013_c9e8b60b6b_o 3543006117_31a7c48c00_o 3543011913_59450f67fa_o 3543013387_820cc7f317_o 3543020549_2a3a5dac5b_o 3543027211_605880eeb9_o 3543029631_6c26e228ee_o 3543030911_315e5d18c6_o 3543036189_0459cf286a_o 3543039207_cea60e837a_o 3543040817_da30e0ea33_o

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