Angelic Pretty Rose Toilette Quadruplets at Disneyland

Dress and Canotier:  Angelic Pretty Rose Toilette in Red
Socks:  Angelic Pretty Candy Border Socks
Shoes:  Angelic Pretty Tea Party Shoes
It was my bff’s bday, so we gathered all the toilettes together for a day at Disneyland.  I had a bring a backpack with a change of clothes in case the staff asked us to change, since they were starting to crack down on lolitas entering the park.  But they totally let us in this time without any issues!  We did some things that most people don’t usually do, like ride the giant boat, go to the princess area and get our faces painted, go to California Adventures and eat free bread and tortillas (you get an entire pack of free tortillas if it’s your birthday!), and ate giant cupcakes in spanish while we watched the shows.

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