Angelic Pretty Chandelier Triplets at the Edwardian Ball

Dress:  Angelic Pretty Chandlier JSK in Wine
Top:  Moi-meme-Moitie Black cutsew
Socks:  Metamorphose
Shoes:  Angelic Pretty Tea Party Shoes in Red
The Edwardian Ball in downtown Los Angeles was held at the famous Tower Theater.  It’s a historical theater that is in a somewhat morbidly beautiful state of disrepair, making for the perfect backdrop for a ball with a crowd of gothics, steam punks, renaissance, and post apocalyptic gents and ladies.  They had live entertainers in between dances, absinthe bars, and photo booths.  The event was such a success, that the fire marshal blockaded the doors from more people entering, as it was already over limit.  We stayed for a short while before the heat and lack of food became unbearable, and decided to go down the street to The Edison for some ridiculously delicious french fries, and slightly less company.  When that too started to get overly packed with the rest of the people with the same idea, we changed plans and hiked it over to Little Tokyo for some private room karaoke and beer.










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