Yumemiru Musical Paradise – Sunday – Angelic Pretty Melody Doll Pink OP

Dress:  Angelic Pretty Melody Doll OP in Pink with matching capelet
Socks:  Angelic Pretty
Shoes:  An*ten*na
Hair Acc:  Angelic Pretty omake from Saturday
Purse:  Angelic Pretty
3018196267_dbb020c1c9_b 3018197431_d6243d364f_b 3018198715_951af3b1dc_b 3018199923_83b0393327_b 3018208821_e27f4dd2d7_b 3018211989_3a546b1601_o 3019019824_28911b0597_b 3019026054_d30a695838_b 3019028380_b5a71c5131_b 3019029752_2aa41da069_b 3019040794_3e33b878c5_o 3020968938_623ba54d8d_o 3021385078_805dc9c796_b 3021386996_2df20a9b2f_b 3018203531_d5257680cb_b 3018210229_754c995e26_o 3020207569_f008858d49_o 3020967796_9e6aa2cb56_o 3020988110_c021759702_o 3251924665_df74bc4684_o

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