Geobeats Interview

Perhaps one of the more cringeworthy things I’ve done in my life is this geobeats special that just will not disappear from the internet, and so I have decided I must embrace that time of my life instead.

My good friend’s college buddy asked her if we would like to participate in a Harajuku mini documentary, and it sounded totally fun, so naturally we said yes. The day of filming I ended up being really sick, and by the time they came over to my apartment I was still in bed in my pajamas, totally unkempt and half asleep. We ended up talking casually for a while, and they asked if they could record our conversation for information later. I figured it wouldn’t be part of the video, so I didn’t care at the time, but then when it was published it was mostly footage of that conversation of me in my pajamas smoking and I quite regret that I allowed them to record that. However I can’t totally regret it for the simple fact that it was an honest representation of myself at that exact time of my life. I was a lazy, indoor smoking, pinkhaired, messy, 20 something year old.

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