KERA Individual Fashion Expo II

Bolero:  Ane x Imoto
Top:  Algonquins
Bloomers:  A+Lidel
Socks:  Takeshitadori
Shoes:  Angelic Pretty
Necklaces:  Vivienne Westwood
Choker:  Metamorphose
My friends were invited to attend the KERA Individual Fashion Expo, and they were kind enough to let me go with them on an extra ticket, seeing as I had arrived back in Tokyo after tickets were already distributed. Since it was a street fashion event, and not strictly a lolita fashion event, I decided to go more visual.  The event was held at Shinkiba Studio Coast, a live house that I’m familiar with from seeing bands play, so I knew exactly how to get there.  In fact, I managed to arrive much earlier than the rest of my friends.  While waiting for them, a photographer asked me for my photo, and I filled out a consent form.
When everyone arrived, they let us into a side area, where food stalls, hair and makeup, and clothing vendors were set up for everyone’s enjoyment.  The girls all had their pictures taken, and we met quite a few new faces.

Most of the time though, it was Ohrusty and I just goofing of, as we do.  Such as taking random pictures at awkward moments, like when I can’t find anything in my tiny purse.  Hahaha.

Eventually we were let inside, and the fashion show began, with musical guests, including a concert by Tsuchiya Anna!  Love her music so much.  Pictures were not allowed, but I managed to take these few before they announced the rules.
20130202-262545_1911407825358_3515320_n 20130202-262811_1911382664729_1333069_n 20130202-383695_2277694782303_140256017_n

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