First Sunday Back In Japan, Metamorphose Ribbon Chandelier Skirt

Top:  Sexy Dynamite Queen
Skirt:  Metamorphose
Socks:  Metamorphose
Shoes:  Non-brand
Headdress:  Innocent World
Necklaces:  Vivienne Westwood
It was my first Sunday back in Harajuku, and I didn’t tell anyone I was going.  I just sort of showed up, and everyone was there!  I hadn’t talked to my friends in Tokyo in over a year, and I still managed to find them, hanging out on jingubashi, it was like nothing had changed at all.  Ohrusty came and hung out, and we stayed until late, everyone was just so happy that nobody wanted to go home.
20130202-1359045936_ea927aa686_o 20130202-2199555795_edd163b7f1_b
1358984468_8bc9feac90_o 20130202-228980_1911417265594_8343122_n 20130202-281645_1911407225343_3521217_n 20130202-262835_1911417985612_8128480_n 20130202-281225_1911402465224_7860137_n 20130202-281665_1911413225493_592925_n

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