Post Panic Live Purikura

On my second full day back in Tokyo, I went to Shibuya to meet with Agentscuiy because we were going to Shibuya O-West to see happy Panic! I hadn’t seen them before, and I really wanted to so I decided to go to this live a while back ^_^. So we get there, and there was another really sweet girl with us with gorgeous blue/black wool dreadfalls. We went inside, popped a squat on the floor, and waited for the live to begin.  There were 7 bands total that night, and third on the list was PANIC☆ch!! Agentscuiy and I moved to saizen and put our purses under the bar, and then the chick in between us knocked over Agentscuiy‘ coke (which was full and in a cup), so it got just about everywhere, and the girl and I were still cleaning up the mess with toilet paper when Panic started. But we quickly got it cleaned up! Panic is awesome!! I enjoyed their whole set! I furied even though it was my first time seeing them, but then you can’t really be saizen and not furi, haha.  I don’t know any of their songs so I can’t tell you a set list ^_^;.

While the last band was playing, we walked outside, got confused because there were no goods tables, walked back upstairs and gave them our ankettos, and then went to take purikura!! But by the time we got done with purikura, the last band should have finished, so we headed back to the live house before eating, to check out the goods table. I really wanted to get some singles, anything with music, but they only had photosets T_T. I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be able to find some music at Likea. We didn’t get our complimentary poloraid when we handed in our ankettos earlier, so we asked for them then and Agentscuiy and I both got really horrid polaroids. Then Agentscuiy tried to buy a photoset from Panic and their staff boy didn’t have any change on him, so he disappeared for about 10 minutes looking for change, while we just stood there looking confused.  Eventually pictures were bought, dinner was had, and the night ended happy.

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