Anime Expo Day 4 – Black Metamorphose Sweets Twins

Cutsew:  Metamorphose Sweets Cutsew
Skirt:  Metamorphose Sweets Skirt
Socks:  Heart E
Shoes:  Non-brand
Headdress:  Metamorphose Sweets Headdress
Necklace:  Vivienne Westwood Small Orb Pendant
While at Anime Expo, my friend and I decided to wear matching Meta Sweets.  My friend R took some pictures on my camera while Eron took (much more professional) pictures on his.  These are the pictures from my personal camera.
 20130201-2180971469_ae2cf127cf_o 20130201-2180971539_07772d0d5c_o 20130201-2181758634_9732f81199_o 20130201-myself11 20130201-myself13 20130201-2180971899_8d43ef613e_o 20130201-2180971799_653689ee48_o 20130201-2180971627_7a24a2255d_o
Eron Rauch also took photographs, these belong to him.
2241060213_bac0e05b94_o 2241060261_0198bbddaa_o 2241853082_7e970e064e_o 2241853200_353e1df450_o 2241853252_f9bdb11fc9_o 2241853338_d96b8b739a_o 2241853622_99d927265e_o 2241060123_30828923ce_o

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