Metamorphose Black Lace JSK

Blouse:  Metamorphose Lucky Pack Blouse
Dress:  Metamorphose Black Lace Tiered JSK
Socks:  Angelic Pretty Crown Border Socks:
Shoes:  Non-brand
Hair Acc:  Gift from Satoru
Neck Acc:  Miho Matsuda Bow Pin
More horrific photos!  Part of the issue is that in my parent’s house, the only time I would have privacy and room to take coordinate photos was at night after they went to sleep, which also meant that all the lights were required to be turned off.  My step mother is incredibly sensitive to noise and light.  It’s not that I wasn’t allowed to be awake at night, I just wasn’t allowed to disturb her sleep, so I always had to work with my camera’s flash for light, and that always made for the most horribly pixelated photos.  I wasn’t happy that I couldn’t get a decent picture of my jsk in the dark light, so I decided to stop trying, and decided to go outside in daylight another time.
20060111-2180953689_99633519dc_o 20060111-2180954035_95dc65e4a2_o 20060111-2181741504_45d6bdf1a7_o

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