Pink Plaid Prince in Korea Town

Top:  Innocent World Pink Plaid Vest
Pants:  Innocent World
Blouse:  Metamorphose
Socks:  Metamorphose
Shoes:  Non-brand
Crown: Spica Shop
I went to Korea Town in Los Angeles to go visit my friend A, who I met at the Kamikaze Girls movie night back in September.  We got dressed in various coordinates and ran around her complex taking pictures of random things.  I got in a lot of trouble that night though, while I was driving back home at around 1am, the transmission went out in my old car, and I had to call my dad to come and get me.  I was a good 45 minutes away from the house, so they weren’t pleased.  They wouldn’t let me get another car after that since I was planning on moving in the next 8 months anyways, so instead I had to drive my dad’s big ass truck to school.  I guess he figured I wouldn’t be making any more impromptu trips to Los Angeles if I had to pay for gas in that guzzling beast.  He was totally right.
 20121216-39613_959718579144_5565211_n 20130105-2181502858_1ec7bda4ce_o 20130105-2180715149_bcbe038ae1_o 20130105-2180715061_6ca5f282dd_o 20130105-2181502948_4a45c98f97_o

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