Metamorphose Windows Underbust JSK at Tokyo Imperial Gardens

Dress:  Metamorphose Windows Print Underbust JSK
Blouse: Moi-meme-Moitie, Borrowed from M
Socks:  Metamorphose
Headdress & Hairties:  Innocent World
Shoes:  An*Ten*Na
Necklace:  Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
For M’s birthday, a bunch of us got together in our matching Metamorphose Windows Print underbust jsks that we got from the summer lucky packs, and went to see the Imperial Gardens near Tokyo station.  One of C’s friends came with us to go sight-seeing, and since he likes photography, he volunteered to take some pictures of us while we were there.  It was rather hilarious, because at the Imperial Gardens you are not allowed to take photos for commercial use without a permit, and the staff got really confused when we tried to explain to them that we’re just a bunch of American tourists that are all dressed up for a birthday party.  They didn’t quite believe us at first, but they left us alone eventually.  The day started out really fun, but downgraded as time went on after we all kind of figured out that lots of walking in giant platforms make for cranky feet for everybody.  Afterwards we all piled back at M’s apartment for slumber party fun times.








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