Millefleurs in Harajuku

Blouse: Non-brand, got from YJA
Headdress:  Heart E
Skirt:  Millefleurs
Socks:  Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Shoes:  Borrowed from M
This was a rather crappy day that ended up not so bad afterall.  M and I were schedule to meet with some other American friends at Aoyama cemetery for a photoshoot for a local magazine, but I had to return some things to my friend in Harajuku first, figuring that I would just walk over to Aoyama afterwards.  But then I got lost, and it got too late, and I didn’t have enough money for the train fair to hurry up, and I didn’t want to run and scuff up M’s shoes while lugging a 50lb suitcase, AND it was hot outside.  I was really mad and frustrated with myself for messing up, to the point of tears.  So I went back to Harajuku and met up with some of my Japanese friends in hopes of turning my frown upside down.  They did not disappoint.  They attacked me water guns until they were sufficiently pleased with my laughter.  M and R’s photoshoot at the cemetery turned out really awesome though, as much as I wish I could have been there, I’m still glad that at least they made it and it got published.  

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