Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Cutsew OP Twins in Harajuku

Outfit:  Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Black Cutsew OP
Socks:  Non-brand
Shoes:  An*Ten*Na
Umbrella:  Metamorphose
Headdress:  Innocent World
M and I wanted to wear another matching coordinate again, and she let me borrow her black cutsew jsk for the day.  One of our photographer friends in Harajuku always tries to direct us with poses, but after a few photos we just end up becoming silly, laughing and making faces.  A lot of the photographers in Harajuku have different ways they like to photograph.  You’ve got the long range zoom lense guy in the street who makes you stand 20 yards away.  You’ve got the guy in the baseball cap and a 35mm camera.  You’ve got the deaf guy with the old polaroid camera.  You’ve got the two guys with the serious business slr and light reflector.  You’ve got the guy with the crappy digital camera and the instant photo printing machine.  If you look interesting enough, sometimes they’ll all ask to take turns photographing you, and in the end you almost always get your prints back the next weekend if you come back.  They are all really friendly guys, I think they also really like the culture, but being old men this is the only way they can participate, but I don’t think Harajuku would be the place it is without them either, so I always try to thank them and tell them how much I appreciate their efforts every time I see them.
20121216-68711_959719996304_2539044_n 20121216-68782_959720041214_2138380_n 20130210-2180935193_20887f773d_b 20130210-2180934931_0bbb8ce736_b 20130210-2180935253_91e5647296_b 20130210-2181722746_0a7b5a29ce_b 20130210-2196512423_b28d1bc5a9_o 20130210-2181722942_1af59ba7fb_b 20130210-2196512663_48427fa668_b 20130210-2197300554_29af03a609_b 20130105-2180796071_54aaca8a0b_o 20130105-2181583564_94b8d4a2f2_o 20130105-2181583764_d692935a5c_o

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