Emily Temple Cute at Ueno Zoo

Cutsew:  Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Dress:  Emily Temple Cute
Socks:  Borrowed from M
Shoes:  Borrowed from M

I spent the day with M and several others at Ueno Zoo.  I was so surprised, because being a San Diego native, I’m quite used to going to both the San Diego Zoo/Sea World/Wild Animal Park/Etc, and they always keep most of the animals at a super far distance from spectators.  At the Ueno Zoo, most of the animals are right up close, so I got a ton of great pictures.  We even saw a Panda! Then as we were leaving, we got caught up in the Ueno hanami.


20050406-dscn4523 20050406-dscn4520 20050406-dscn4519 20050406-dscn4541

ScreenHunter_14 20050407-dscn4618

zoo1 zebra twotoedsloth tiger monkeys2 peacock polarbear monkeys lion2 lion gorilla giantpanda elephants sakura1 sakura2 sakura3

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