Red Velveteen Dandy w/ M in Harajuku

Top:  Borrowed from M
Pants:  Metamorphose, Borrowed from M
Socks:  Borrowed from M
Shoes:  Platform creepers I picked up at Maruione, brand totally forgotten
Necktie:  Borrowed from M
Hat: Borrowed from M
Wig:  Borrowed from M
This weekend my friend M wanted to do a lolita and dandy pair look.  Unfortunately I didn’t have anything to match her with, but she had a red velveteen set that was totally perfect.  I was very happy that she allowed me to borrow this (She’s so sweet ;o;).  We spent the day in Harajuku, taking pictures, shopping, eating things, the fun stuff in life.  So of course it had to snow.  Snow isn’t common in Tokyo, and it was the only time that I had seen it in the city during all my stays there.  Tsukuba however was an entirely different story, as it snowed constantly up by the dorms.  Don’t ask me how I managed to not look like I was dying of frostbite in these photos, because I was.  There was a mass consumption of hot beverages immediately after.

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