Marie Rose in Harajuku

Marie Rose
Dress:  Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Marie Rose Black x Black OP
Headdress:  Innocent World
Necklace:  Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Crown Necklace
Socks: Non-brand
Shoes: An*Ten*Na
This weekend was absolutely freezing.  I’m not really used to cold weather.  Growing up in San Diego, I get chilly when it dips below 68 degrees, much less when it dips down into the 30s and 40s.  I did spend a winter in the snow back in 2001, but I didn’t go outside much then, and pretty much spent that whole winter huddle in a down comforter in my room playing playstation games.  This winter I wasn’t going to let the cold stop me from enjoying myself, but then I caught really nasty bronchitis / pneumonia.  They quite nearly shipped me back home, but it was around this time that I started feeling better and everything turned out in my favor.
I spent the day mostly with my friends R and Y.  I found this tourist photo of us hanging out and shopping.  I was buying some recycled clothing to use the fabric for a sewing project.  While I was looking at the clothes, my friend came and swapped purikura with me.  Lots of people in Harajuku take purikura while they are there, and swap them with friends, almost like playing cards.  It’s really fun actually.  Tourist photos are always interesting, they give a better sense of reality, as opposed the other photographers who use all sorts of dramatic angles to get the best look (they’ll shoot from down low to make you look taller, etc).
20130105-2180778991_271cc6912e_o 20130105-2180779481_7f32625815_o 20130105-2181566784_98899bc4c8_o 20130105-2181566830_bb2b16fe12_o 20130105-2181566614_14057424a9_o
2698314257_29c2c0b59a 128969g 128969up

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