Random day in Harajuku

While out shopping after class one day, I found myself getting off at Harajuku station, and ran into one of the Sunday photographers, who asked if he could take a picture of me in my street clothes.  He told me to pose like this, and I was kind of like ‘huh?’, but I went with it.  Turned out to be not as horrible and awkward as I thought.  Like I said, all I had was mall goth, check out my sweet black fishnet shirt.

I decided to change my piercing from the oversized ring (it was oversized on purpose to allow for swelling during recovery).  I picked out a stainless steel spike from a piercing shop on Takeshita dori.  That reminds me that I have a copy of the video of when I got my lip pierced before I moved to Tokyo.

It was really humid and hot out that day, and wearing pants while walking around was horror on my hair.  By the time I went back home to Musashisakai station, my hair had curled back into it’s natural waves.  By chance I managed to run into some of my fellow classmates who can just finished a round of bar hopping, and they invited me to see how many people we could fit into a purikura machine.

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