Illuminati Harajuku Sunday

On this particular Sunday, I decided to cosplay for the first time.  I pulled out my Illuminati Mana costume I had made earlier in the Spring for a convention back in San Diego.  I didn’t really plan on wearing it in public, but after a month of going to Harajuku every weekend, I felt that there was no better place to share my love of Malice Mizer than with other Mana fans.  Some of the other international cosplayers were there again that weekend, and I enjoyed their company.  The photographers were really happy with my outfit that day, and I got a number of close up shots of my makeup.

It was so terribly hot that day, that you could literally see all the veins in my face through my thick layer of foundation.  Somehow I managed not to die of heat stroke, having definitely learned my lesson to avoid wearing that much pvc during Japanese Summer.  Meeting new friends, getting dressed up, and having my picture taken wasn’t so much the highlight of the day, as was watching all the children dressed up.  They were so adorable.

After we all got a bit too overwhelmed by the heat, we all took some purikura together at the shop across the street.

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