I am not a model.

After a couple of weeks living in Mitaka, a couple of classmates were trying to break into the modelling industry as part time work.  Students in Japan are allowed to work up to 14 hours a week on a student visa, and everyone was starting to run out of fun money.  None of us were professionals, and none of us had portfolios, so we all kind of spent a weekend dressing up and running around campus with our digital cameras trying to at least get a couple pictures.  These were my poor attempts at ‘modelling’ but it was a fun day running around with everyone.
We all made appointments for auditions at an agency near Yoyogi, and when I had mine it was very fast and uncomplicated.  I handed them my piss poor photos, and they took my polaroid.  They didn’t like the way the first polaroid turned out because my hair was blocking my face, so they let me keep it.  I never got a call back from them, but I wasn’t too upset about it.  I told them I wasn’t willing to remove my piercings, and that I had tattoos, which is frowned upon in the industry.  I ended up dying my hair purple a few weeks later, so it wouldn’t have happened even if I cared.

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